Preparing for your Upcoming Trip to the UAE

An Insider’s Guide from one of the Founders of the Jewish Community in the UAE

It has been a singular honor to be among those that have led the emergence of the Jewish community in the UAE. I first started traveling to Dubai in 2008 and moved here with my family in 2013. It is now our home. Post Abraham Accords it is our pleasure to share the experience of the UAE with increasing numbers of Jewish visitors. Here is some key information for you to know if you have never visited the UAE before.

Where to Eat Kosher
I will begin with the Jewish basics. There are several kosher restaurants in Dubai (TLV, Armani Kaf, the Kosher Place and Mul Hayam). A new dairy restaurant, Elli’s Café, opens on the Palm at the end of August and will offer breakfast, pizza and Elli’s “kosherati” dishes. Several branches of Costa serve kosher sandwiches and salads (under OU) which are ideal for touring families. This includes a branch next to Ski Dubai in the Mall of the Emirates as well as branches in the Dubai Mall and on the Palm Jumeirah. There are three caterers who deliver kosher meals directly to your hotel – Kosher Arabia, Elli’s Kosher Kitchen and Treat Kosher and Kosher Arabia also sells kosher meat if you have your own cooking facilities. In Abu Dhabi there are two kosher restaurants; Aloft and the Kosher Place (Abu Dhabi).

Remember to order your kosher meal on Emirates so that you can try Kosher Arabia’s meals which are served fresh to Emirates out of Dubai. Kosher Arabis is the largest kosher facility in the UAE with a capacity to produce 2000 meals a day. All meals are under the kosher supervision of OU and UOS (Johannesburg).

The availability of Kosher Food in the UAE is a function of the high number of Jewish visitors to the UAE (nearly 300,000 just from Israel since 2020). It is also an expression of Hachnasat Orchim – the tradition of welcome that goes back to our shared ancestor Abraham.